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Archery and Gun Shop Sarasota Florida

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Dale, owner of Center Shot

Center Shot Archery and Gun Shop was born in a plywood box in the back of an ’88 pick-up.  And today, Center Shot Archery is the realization of a lifelong dream.  Over the course of the 7 years we spent on the tournament circuit, my wife, Donna, and I worked our way up from that plywood box to a large concession trailer and built a reputation in the industry for friendly service and quality workmanship.

Combining our passion for archery with the experience, knowledge and faithful clientele we developed over the years, we were able to open our first archery shop in Sarasota Florida.  As our customer base grew we were thrilled to add Myers Parrish, a trusted friend and fellow archery enthusiast, as our staff shooter.  A Hoyt shooter, Myers brings with him a wealth of knowledge and, along with his wife, represents Center Shot Archery at all the large competitions across the country, enjoying the sport he loves while building relationships with top archery manufacturers and distributors.  Myers is a National and World Champion and his wife is a National Champion.

While Myers applied his expertise to competition and hunting bows, I began mounting the heads of deer and other game, eventually working my way up to African mounts and other species.  We encourage anyone interested in this service to contact Center Shot Archery for a free quote.

We are grateful to be able to continue pursuing our dream while maintaining the hometown, family-oriented customer service Center Shot Archery and Guns was built on. Having been on the other side of the counter, we understand our customers needs and it is our joy to provide them with the same service we would want to receive ourselves.